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This type of finish is becoming a regular feature with many manufacturers and can easily become damaged.

The repair process involved for a Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel/Polished Alloy Wheel finish is aptly named due to the Diamond tip used to cut the face of the wheel.

First of all in the repair procedure is the wheel is primed and painted; we then probe the face of the wheel to map it out on the computer.

This mapping allows the lathe to cut away a very fine slither exposing the bare metal, thus producing a 2 toned effect.

The wheel is then powder coated in lacquer and baked to a super hard finish. We can match any colour and can even invent colours if you so wish! This can be done during your Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair.

With the ability to run 180 wheels in rotation our service has never been better. Dedicated paint and lacquer rooms take the quality of our repairs to the next level. Our new inspection line allows us to check and double check the standard of repairs DURING the repair process.

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Welding Services

Before undertaking any welds, we first use a special UV dye to see just how far the crack has actually gone – as this can often be beyond the site of the naked eye.

Once the extent of the crack is established, our highly trained welders will open the area up further to ensure that they make contact with a solid part.

They will then grind and clean the area before using a TIG welder to refill and repair the damaged area. The area is then filed and ground back down flush before going through the paint process.

Please note: any welds are NOT guaranteed and we will only do a MAXIMUM of 2 welds per wheel.

Custom Colours & Colour Changes

To complement our extensive range of standard colours we also offer a bespoke colour program enabling customers to create individual wheel colours.

If your are in the mood for a change of colour for your alloy wheels we can offer a full colour changing service for your wheels. Whether it be a subtle change or something drastic and
eye-catching we can give you what you want!

This service can be done whilst your alloy wheels are being repaired or refurbished.

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Wheel Straightening

Our Alloy Wheel Straightening service is actually used on around 70% of all wheels which come through the plant.

  • The wheel is spun on a jig to identify the area of concern; our technician then marks the area
  • The area is then gently heated to allow the metal to become slightly softer
  • The straightening process is then begun

Please note: we will ONLY straighten wheels with flat spots or vertical buckles, NOT side-to-side movements.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

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