Terms & Conditions

Glass Repair Services

Glass Repair

  • The ARS technician prior to starting job to verify repair is achievable. In the course of repair, glass may crack beyond repair through no fault of our technician. You acknowledge that risk. If that happens we will not charge you for any attempted repairs. We will recommend that you contact a windscreen replacement company (such as Autoglass/National Windscreens/RAC Windscreens) to replace the glass. If the vehicle in your possession does not belong to you, we advise that the owner claims windscreen replacement costs through their motor insurance. An excess will be payable by the owner/policy holder, although the claim generally does not affect any no-claims bonus.
  • You agree to be responsible for the full cost of any glass replacement work on your vehicle (or the vehicle in your possession). You acknowledge and agree that we will not be held liable for any costs arising from any unsuccessful glass repair.
  • The visibility of a repair to glass depends on the nature of the damage at the time of repair. You acknowledge and agree that we will not be held liable if you are not happy with the look of our repair, and that we reserve the right to charge you at the prevailing rate.
  • By undertaking our services you agree that you we will have no claims on us to reimburse or compensate you for loss of income, loss of use of your vehicle, costs or expenses incurred from loss of use of your vehicle, loss of business or profits or pure economic loss or indirect or consequential loss suffered by you as a result of our work. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Diamond Cut Division Services

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Centre


This service is a specialist refurbishment process that carries additional/different terms and conditions to our standard mobile Smart Repair offering, in terms of process, warranty and service. Whereas our standard terms and conditions* will apply, the following will apply where applicable:

Collection and Delivery

1. We operate a collection and delivery service for trade customers only.

2. Collections will be made from designated business premises only.

3. Collection and delivery does not offer or imply that a credit account will be given, and as such, payment must be made upon return delivery of wheels, unless a credit account has been approved by prior arrangement.

4. Wheels can be removed and replaced by us if requested at the time of booking. An additional charge will be made for this service. Vehicles must be parked on a suitable and level surface prior to our arrival. In allowing us to remove wheels with the use of jacks and axle stands, you acknowledge that the ground surface is suitable for such operations, and that no claims for costs for damage caused by such equipment will be issued to our company and/or employees.

5. Locking wheel nuts (in good working order) must be present inside the vehicle. You agree that we will not be held liable for any delays or costs involved where locking wheel nuts are not available.

6. You agree that we may invoice you a call-out charge for any wasted journeys where condition 4 or 5 is not met by you. The charge for 2023 is £50+vat per booking.

Repair Process

7. Our standard repair time is 96 hours (not including weekends or bank holidays) from the time of collection to the time of return (4 days), unless advised otherwise.

8. Due to the precision of the process as well as the temperatures involved, defects can arise on occasions. Differing grades of metal within alloy wheels can cause defects during the cutting or pre-treatment stages. As such, all wheels are quality checked at several stages throughout the repair process and any failures will be put through the system again. This may affect overall repair time and we will advise you if this is the case at our earliest opportunity. We will not be held liable for any costs that may arise, directly or indirectly, as a result of this delay.

9. Diamond cut alloys can only be repaired a limited number of times. This could be as few as once and depends largely on the design of the wheel and the extent or depth of the damage. If diamond cutting is not possible then we can offer a standard painted finish at the prevailing rate. We will not be held liable for any claims for costs if such a scenario arises. Other repairs required to wheels from the same vehicle for matching purposes are chargeable.

10. The diamond cut face of the wheel must be cut back to the depth of the deepest damage which, on occasions, may alter the look, finish or style of the wheel. It is often not possible to determine this prior to the repair taking place, therefore we will not be held liable for any onward claims for costs, directly or indirectly, where the repair causes these effects to occur, regardless of whether or not we were able to notify you prior to the repair taking place. If we are able to implement a small weld in order that the refurbishment can continue you understand that this can cause the repair to be visible upon completion. You agree that we will have no liability and that the wheel remains chargeable.

11. We will not make more than two welds to any wheel.

12. Buckled wheels can affect our ability to refurbish wheels or apply a particular finish to a wheel, particularly diamond cut wheels. This may not become evident until the original finish has been stripped from the wheel and damage has been removed. We will inform you if this situation arises. We may offer to change the finish of the wheel in order to continue the refurbishment, but this finish may be significantly different from other wheels on the vehicle. Any additional refurbishments on the same vehicle are chargeable, and you agree that we will not be held liable for any costs arising, directly or indirectly should you not wish to continue with the refurbishment(s). If you decide not to continue with the refurbishment at this stage, we will waive any repair costs accrued.

13. The pressures exerted during the wheel straightening process can cause a wheel to crack. We will endeavour to weld any crack wherever possible at no additional cost, but where a weld/repair is not achievable you agree that we will not be held liable for any subsequent costs, including wheel replacement, either directly or indirectly. You will not be charged for any unsuccessful straightening or welding attempts.

14. Manufacturers do not provide colour codes for wheels, therefore it may be necessary on occasions to request that an additional wheel is provided by you for colour matching purposes. You understand and agree that any delay in providing an additional sample may result in the repair time being extended.

15. Colour may be affected by batch, age or previous repairs. The closest match will be made at all times, but you acknowledge and agree that a perfect colour match is not always possible. All wheels remain chargeable in any event.

16. We will not replace tyres if they are deemed to be illegal, unless a full disclaimer is signed.

17. Centre caps are plastic and cannot be repaired or coloured as part of the wheel refurbishment process. They can be painted separately and to as close a colour match as possible for an additional charge. No warranty will be offered.

18. Split-rims can be repaired but are susceptible to damage during the repair process, specifically, the bolts. In undertaking to repair this type of wheel you agree that you will allow us to charge you the cost of replacing the bolts as well as labour (the cost for 2023 is £25+vat per bolt) should they snap. We will notify you once two bolts have snapped and if you agree for the refurbishment to continue you agree that you will be liable for any additional costs for bolts. If you do not agree then we will stop the refurbishment process and you will not be charged any further costs but will still be liable for costs accrued already. If we fail to notify you once two bolts have snapped then we agree not to charge you any further costs.


19. All repairs carry a lifetime warranty from the date of repair.

20. Kerb or other damage to the alloy voids the warranty, unless photographic evidence of the defect(s) has been provided at the time of the claim which clearly shows that no kerb or other damage is present. In the event that an alloy has been damaged in the period between the claim being made and its arrival with us, you agree that the wheel will only be repaired to the best possible look, finish and style achievable, and that we will not be held liable for any costs or further remedial action as a result.

21. Kerb damage and stone chips will damage the integrity of the powder coat and may cause the paintwork to crack, splinter or peel. This consequential damage may be different in look from the original, pre-repair paintwork. No warranty is offered or given in these circumstances, other than in conjunction with condition

22. Welds do not carry any warranty in any circumstance.

23. The warranty is void if we believe that no reasonable care or attention was paid to the wheel, or if it has been mistreated (including during the cleaning process).

24. A warranty claim only covers the re-repair of the affected wheel(s). No other claims for costs arising as a result of the re-repair, either directly or indirectly, will be accepted.

25. No warranty is offered for centre caps.


26. If a tyre pressure sensor is present we may notify you where we believe it likely or possible that some parts, including the valve could be irreparably damaged during the repair process, including due to corrosion. If you agree to continue with the refurbishment then we will not be held liable for any costs relating to the sensors should they become damaged, including any onwards costs of installation. We will also not be held liable for any costs related to valve breakages (whether accompanied by a pressure sensor or not), through corrosion or any other reason, where we have not notified you of the potential for breakage, where we have acted in good faith and have made all reasonable efforts to prevent such a situation.