Over the years many customers ask our advice on repair after care and general car cleanliness and protection.
Which products are best? Do you supply them? Where can I get them from? So, as part of our continual customer focused service we now offer a range of our very own car care kits and consumables.

Reggie’s Original Car Care products offer our customers a range of high quality, affordable kits and consumables to keep their vehicle in tip top condition!

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Reggie’s Original Car Care Products visit one of our offices in Orpington or Liverpool. Alternatively call us on 0800 0897766 and we can ship them directly to you.

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Car Cleaning Kits

Alloy Wheel Cleaning Kit

This Kit includes:

  • Surface Cleaner (250ml)
  • Wheel Grade Polish (250ml)
  • Tyre Gel Enhancer (500ml)
  • Micro Fibre Cloth x2
  • Sponge


Car cleaning Kit

Car Care Cleaning Kit

This Kit includes:

  • Wash ‘n’ Wax (500ml)
  • Grade A Polish (500ml)
  • Micro Fibre Cloth x2
  • Sponge
  • Synthetic-Chamois



Leather Cleaning Kit

Leather Care Kit

This Kit includes:

  • Leather Cleaner (250ml)
  • Leather Protector (250ml)
  • Ink Remover
  • Micro Fibre Cloth x2


Smart Repair Car polish

Grade A Car Polish

Reggie’s ORIGINAL GRADE ‘A’ CAR POLISH is used as a protective finishing wax and will leave your car gleaming. It can be used on any vehicle paintwork and is particularly effective on recently painted surfaces. (500ml)


Smart Repair Car polish

Tyre Gel Enhancer

Reggie’s ORIGINAL TYRE GEL ENHANCER makes your tyres look brand new, as well as providing a short term protective barrier against the elements. (500ml)


Smart Repair Wash and Wax

Wash ‘n’ Wax

Reggie’s ORIGINAL WASH ‘N’ WAX is a superior car shampoo that leaves vehicles clean and streak-free. It’s safe to use on previously washed and sealed finishes, and rinses freely leaving a squeaky clean finish. (500ml)


Wheel Cleaner

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Reggie’s original SURFACE CLEANER is a non-acidic cleaner that helps keep your wheels looking clean and fresh by removing debris and brake dust in a flash. Follow up with Reggie’s Original Wheel Grade Polish. (250ml)



Alloy Wheel Polish

Alloy Wheel Grade Polish

Reggie’s original WHEEL GRADE POLISH is designed for use on alloy wheels, leaving a high gloss protective finish. Bling! Bling! (250ml)



Leather Cleaning Product

Leather Cleaner

Reggie’s original LEATHER CLEANER removes most stains and soiling to leather surfaces, and is particularly effective on car upholstery. For ink, lipstick or chocolate stains use with Reggie’s Original Ink Remover. (250ml)



Leather Protector

Leather Protector

Reggie’s original LEATHER PROTECTOR protects your leather upholstery and interiors from daily grime. (250ml)


Ink stick

Ink Remover

INK REMOVER is for cleaning fresh ballpoint ink or lipstick from topcoated leather, vinyl or vinyl-like surfaces.


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