Interior/Leather Repair FAQ’s

Q: Can you repair Cuts to Leather?

A: Yes, All leather can be repaired and we can match and recolor any interior. 

Q:My Leather has just discoloured, Can you re colour it?

A:Yes, We have been working very closely with a company in Italy that supply dyes to Tanneries and also vehicle and luxury yacht manufacturers. It is with their knowledge we believe that our products are far superior to any other on offer in the UK market place now!

Q:Can you repair damage to the roof lining or carpets?

A:In most cases yes but inspection or a photograph sent through will confirm this.

Q:The damage is on an area with a grain or pattern in it, Can this be recreated?

A:Yes, We are able to copy the pattern from a un damaged area and take an impression to transfer over to the repairing area. This will give a near invisible repair.

Q:How long will a repair take?

A:This is totally dependent on the size of repair however our technician can advise you. 

Q:Can we polish out scratches in windscreens?

A:No as a rule scratches being polished out can sometimes distort the glass and often only minor scratches can be repaired. We therefore do not offer this as a service.

Q:Do you work weekends?

A:All of our Technicians work Monday to Friday however weekends can be arranged by prior notice however they do get booked up quite quickly. Our Office can help if your local technician is unavailable.

Q:Does someone need to be at the address for keys and payment?

A:Yes they will need to be there and the keys will be required as well as for satisfaction signatory and payment. 

Q:Should I receive a Receipt/Invoice?

A:Yes and please ensure the technician leaves this with you, this is your only form of Guarantee.
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