Diamond Cut Division Warranty

We would like to notify you of a change to the warranty period offered with all Diamond Cut alloy refurbishments carried out at our Head Office, primarily through our collection and delivery service.

Durability testing has been carried out over the last twelve months with particular attention paid to the onward cleaning of the alloy. The increased availability of hand car wash outlets and the cleaning products used within them have been researched extensively, and whereas many products have no negative effects on the alloy, there are a high number of outlets that are now using unsuitable cleaning products.

Specifically, the acids used have been found to be excessively strong and in some cases was found to be hydrochloric acid. Products such as these cause damage to the alloy and severely affect the visual appearance and finish of the wheel, and are contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

As we are unable to verify the treatment of the alloys once a refurbishment has been carried out, we are changing the warranty period offered on all diamond cut wheels from three years to six months. Our research has showed that any refurbishment or product defects will be evident in days or weeks rather than months. In addition, any alloys that have sustained further damage within the four month period will not be covered by the warranty.

We are also issuing an advisory that diamond cut alloys can only be cut an average of two times, after which the only likely refurbishment possible is a powder coated, one colour finish. We cannot guarantee the number of cuts that can be carried out to any particular alloy as the style and damage will sometimes make multiple cuts impossible. As some alloys have been refurbished by other companies, a differing refurbishment process can also affect the number of cuts possible. We will therefore not be held accountable for any reason whatsoever in the event that a further cut to the alloy is not possible. In this instance a powder coat, one colour refurbishment will be offered.

If you have any queries or require further guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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