Dent Repair FAQ’s

Q: Do you suck the dent out?

A: This is often the myth, No we don’t, we access the rear of the dent and with specially created rods massage the dent out to its original state.

Q: Will the paint crack?

A: NO, Paint is far more flexible than you would imagine and we massage the panel with no damage. If the area looks like paint damage would result you would be informed before we continue. 

Q: Will it look any worse?

 A: This is often the myth, No we don’t, we access the rear of the dent and with specially created rods massage the dent out to its original state.

Q: Will it be totally invisible?

A: If the dents are within the parameters of PDR then you will not be able to see where it was. It some circumstances it is possible to see a glimmer of where it was.

Q: Do you have to strip or remove any interior panels?

A: Depending on location of dent it is sometimes required to access the rear of the dent. It is however rare that we need to but if we do it is not a problem as our technicians are trained to do this.

Q: I have been told you have to drill holes to access the rear of the dent, Is this correct?

A:Occasionally this is correct however we would always seek permission from you first. A hole is no larger than 10mm and is in a concealed area that is sealed with a blanking grommet after. Most cars already have these for us. 

Q: Do you guarantee the dent repair?

A: Once the dent is gone it will not re appear unless struck again, Guaranteed! 

Q: What's the mirror/line board used for?

A: This is a guide for us so we can read the reflection and movement of the panel while we massage the dent. This allows us to push within half a mm from the rear of the panel thus giving pinpoint accuracy. 

Q: Do you have to heat the panel or dent?

A: This is often in cold weather only or if the dent is quite deep in relation to its diameter, Heating the area can make the metal and paint a little more supple to massage thus aiding a better repair. 

Q: How long has this process been around?

A: This has been around for around 25 years however it is only over the last 15 that the system has really taken off in the UK.

Q: How long have your technicians been doing PDR?

A: We have technicians who have been doing PDR for over 15 years now and still with new vehicles we constantly train and develop new tooling.

Q: How long is the training for your Technicians?

A: Training is a minimum of 4 months every day training and practicing on an old panel. Our technicians do not work on ANY vehicle until they meet the correct standard.

Q: What qualifications do your Technicians have?

A: All of our Technicians go through an IMI (Institute Motor Industry) and QAA (Quality Assured Award) programmes which ensure our technicians work to a regulated process. Our technicians will have this certificate on board their vehicle for you to see.

Q: I understand that there are 5 day courses out there?

A: There are yes however they will only teach you the basic principles. There is not one course or person that can be an expert after 5 days. Ensure you find out any technician/companies experience in advance!

Q: I've had a cheaper quote can you match it?

A: You will always find someone cheaper in any industry but the question is, Will they do a good repair and what experience do they have? There are many Rogue traders out there that will do something Cheap and have often just done a week’s training! We pride ourselves on quality and our charges are correct in terms of value and quality.

Q: Should I receive a Receipt/Invoice?

A: Yes and please ensure the technician leaves this with you, this is your only form of Guarantee.

Q: Do you work weekends?

A: All of our Technicians work Monday to Friday however weekends can be arranged by prior notice however they do get booked up quite quickly. Our Office can help if your local technician is unavailable. 

Q: Does someone need to be at the address for keys and payment?

A: Yes they will need to be there and the keys will be required as well as for satisfaction signatory and payment.
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