Alloy Wheel Corrosion Repair

We can repair all alloy wheels with major corrosion damage. This is common place with certain manufacturers: Toyota, Lexus and Mercedes to name but a few.

Alloy wheel corrosion is easily repaired using our state of the art shot blasting equipment to penetrate the affected metal, gradually taking away layers until a solid base is found.

In some cases, the corrosion damage is so bad that it will leave very slight scarring, however, these cases are exceptionally rare and we will always notify you of this before completing the repair.


The process begins the same as all our alloy wheel refurbishments, by us stripping the wheel of its paint and in our eco friendly dip tank, this then leaves us to inspect the wheel to see the extent of the corrosion.


The wheel is then dried and placed in our industrial Shotblasting machine removing the corrosion from all parts of the wheel, in extreme corrosion scaring is left on the wheel (although it has a smooth finish) as well as discolouration of the metal, this is covered but the powdercoat in the later stages of refurbishment.


After the wheel has gone through the shot blasting process it returns to the powder coating process where it continues on it’s journey of being painted or diamond cut.

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