One of the most frustrating things about driving a great looking car is getting that first dent or scrape.

You walk out into the parking lot one day and there it is — a dent in your car that looks as big as Big Ben!

Even minor damage to your car immediately impacts its resale value. The only way to regain that value is by repairing the damage.

Using traditional methods, a small dent or scrape can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds to fix. But with specialised SMART repair technologies like Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), these can be quickly repaired at a fraction of the cost. If you’re not familiar with these technologies, then read on!


Traditional bodyshops cost a significant amount of time and money, even for small repairs. Without the specialist tools of a Paintless Dent Repair technician, bodyshops have to adjust more on your car than is necessary. For example, a small dent in the side of your car could lead a bodyshop to replace your entire side panel!

More often, bodyshops will opt to fill in the dent and repaint the panel. This costs several thousand pounds, takes a long time to complete, and doesn’t actually fix the dent. This harms your car’s resale value and could cost you even more if you need to leave your car in the shop overnight.

All this, just to fix a small car dent! It can be enough to lead many drivers to forgo repairs altogether. But with PDR and SMART Repair technology, repairs are significantly faster and cheaper.


PDR stands for “Paintless Dent Removal”. It’s a process for fixing small dents without requiring a new paint job. A technician will use a wide array of specialist PDR tools to gain access to your car’s damage and repair dents in minutes.

Paintless Dent Repair is possible because the materials used in modern cars are meant to hold their shape. The specialist tools used by PDR technicians are designed to coax these materials back to their original state. A PDR technician can permanently fix dents in your car, saving you time and money and adding thousands in value back to your car.

If your car also has a scrape or scratch, then you’ll want to opt for SMART repair instead. SMART stands for “Small, Medium Area Repair Technique” and is used for small paint jobs. A technician will target a small area of the vehicle and use a specialized process to clean, sand, and repaint the area. With SMART, a technician can fix scrapes without needing to repaint an entire panel.


At an established PDR and SMART Repair workshop like Automotive Repair Systems, fixing a dent should only cost you around £150. Think back to the last time a traditional body shop repaired your car. Was it anywhere close to £150? Furthermore, SMART Repair work on paint scratches and scuffs is around the same price per repair but with discounting applied over and above more than two repairs, which is typical, you will end up saving money in the long run.

If you are driving around with annoying dents and you want them to fixed right now, come into Automotive Repair Systems today. We will introduce you to the first team in the area to offer specialised PDR services.

This is the team with the most expertise in the entire locale – the team that you can trust with your car. Drive around to our workshop today – we look forward to helping you return your car to showroom condition for a rock-bottom price.

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