Are you driving around town with small dents and scratches in your car, because fixing them just isn’t worth the cost? If you use traditional bodyshop services, you might be right.

Body shop repairs add up fast, especially when the shop says you need to replace or re-paint an entire panel. For bigger jobs, you might lose your car for the day while it’s in the shop!

Those dents sure are annoying, though. It’s irritating to walk up to your car each day and see the morning light reflecting off of a dent. Your car is a high value, visible investment — it should look like it just came off the showroom floor. Those dents and that minor damage can reduce your car’s value by thousands of pounds, too.

Luckily, body shops aren’t the only option. SMART repair is dramatically cheaper and faster than body shop repair and just as effective for cosmetic damage.

If you plan to re-sell your car anytime soon, or if you just want your car to look its best, then you should consider SMART repair.


PDR stands for “Paintless Dent Repair.” This technology uses specialist precision tools to fix dents and dings in your car. PDR targets small areas of damage, so that your car can look like new without major repairs or replacement parts. This includes hail damage repair and our very own “Push to Paint” repair.

At a car body shop, these dents and dings often need a much larger repair, or new panels to be ordered. Body shops just don’t have the same tools or experienced technicians. This is why a body shop may replace an entire panel to fix a dent that a PDR technician could repair in minutes.

Some body shops will fill dents in with paint or body filler, and then match the paint to the rest of the car. This is expensive, time-consuming and doesn’t actually fix your dent — thus impacting the resale value of your car.

Over 65% of cars on the road today have annoying minor damage that SMART technology and PDR can easily fix. Your car is likely one of these. No matter how obvious your bumper damage, side scrapes, dents, or wheel scuffs, a good PDR team can get the job done, giving your car that like-new look.


PDR uses the upgraded “memory” system in modern metals to coax any distortions in a panel back into their normal placements — without the use of harsh tools like hammers. Custom lighting and precision dent removal tools help technicians restore dented areas to showroom condition. Even better, the entire process can take just a few minutes.

The Paintless Dent Repair process begins by assessing the damage. The technician will settle on the best way to fix the dent, and then will prepare the area for repair. Next, the technician will gain access to the dent. Usually, this means removing body panels or tail lights so the back of the dent becomes accessible. Specialized lighting tools help the technician find the exact edges of even a slight dent. Finally, the technician will carefully massage out the dent using precision tools.



Paintless Dent Repair is an efficient service to restore your vehicle to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of traditional dent repair. With PDR, you save time, you save money, and even better — you can add hundreds or thousands to the value of your car with permanent cosmetic repair.

Appraisers rate cars as ‘Excellent,’ ‘Good,’ ‘Fair,’ and ‘Poor’. Many factors go into how your car gets rated by an appraiser, but small dents, dings, and scratches are a surefire way to drop at least 1 level. This in turn reduces how much buyers are willing to pay for your vehicle. You might see your car’s value drop by a few hundred pounds for minor scratches all the way up to thousands of pounds for many dents.

With PDR, you aren’t just covering up the damage. You are returning your car to like-new condition. In this way, PDR technology is one of the best returns on investment that you can put into your automobile.


We are leading technicians in PDR auto repair technology. We were the first ones to use it on the streets of London, Liverpool, Newcastle and South West of the UK and we remain at the cutting edge of the service. If you are looking for a group of established technicians who understand how to use Paintless Dent Repair, then look no further!

We look forward to helping you restore your car to its most pristine condition. Whether you are looking to sell your vehicle right now or you just want to maximize your driving experience with the best-looking car possible, Automotive Repair Systems is the PDR auto repair team that you need on your side!

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