You are about to complete a nearly perfect parallel parking job. You put the car in reverse one last time to get just a bit closer to the kerb and you hear that awful scraping sound: you have just damaged one of your alloy rims against the kerb.

If your alloy rim has cosmetic damage, also known as “kerb rash”, you should consider SMART repair (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique). The technique is quickly gaining popularity, because SMART offers customers the option to repair instead of replace their alloy rims. If your “kerb rash” is begging for quality alloy rim restoration, SMART repair is likely your best option.

You shouldn’t attempt alloy rim restoration on your own. Alloy rim repair requires training and specialized tools and equipment. Trust a professional with experience in the industry to complete the restoration with precision and speed.

Here’s how trained SMART repair professionals restore your alloy rim to its original state instead of replacing them at a high cost like traditional body shops do.


  1. An alloy wheel repair first begins with removing the damaged wheel from the car. Following removal, the wheel is then thoroughly cleaned and degreased.
  2. The ‘bead’ is then broken on the tire to allow full access to the edge of the alloy.
  3. Using a variety of specialist air tools, the damage is sanded down to an even surface, removing any shine from the existing clear coat before masking off the surrounding area of the wheel and applying a primer coat before leaving to dry.
  4. The primed area is then ‘keyed up’ to allow the color coat to adhere to it
  5. Using our advanced ARS paint-matching technology, the correct paint is then applied to the wheel in several coats and dried with Infra-Red technology.
  6. Once the paint has dried, a protective layer of clear coat is applied several times over the top of the painted base coat.

Once dried and cooled down, the masking is removed and the tire is re-inflated and securely fitted back on to the vehicle. The entire repair process takes just one hour!

With the advanced SMART repair system, alloy rim restoration is a quick and painless fix. To ensure you receive the best quality SMART repair on your damaged alloy rim, call Automotive Repair Systems today. With SMART repair centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as a mobile SMART repair van, Automotive Repair Systems provides quick and cost-effective repairs to your car’s cosmetic damages.


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