Major alloy wheel scratches (AKA “kerb-rash”) appear when the alloy rim of your car rubs against obstacles such as kerbstones, high kerbs and parking barriers.  It’s incredibly easy to do and by the time you realise, it’s too late and the awful sound of metal on kerb seems to go on forever.

It’s been known to make grown men cry…

And once one or two appear, more scratches and scuffs magically accumulate leading to a distinct dulling and unpleasant grooving effect around the perimeter of your prized rims! Your once shiny alloy wheels now looked scrappy, tired and if the truth be known, a bit embarrassing.


So what can you do about this?

Well, there are perhaps two distinct options:

  1. Replacement? Easy. Call up the dealership, wait two weeks and spend £300 (at least if they’re half-decent) on a brand new set.
  2. SMART Repair? Even easier. In fact, easiest thing in the world. Pay less than £80 per rim and have them back same day all looking mega. Good as new.



So, why would you ever consider replacements? Two reasons:

  1. Structural damage. If the rims are buckled or have incurred serious/heavy crash damage affecting the structural integrity of the rim, you need to replace them. Simple.
  2. You have too much money and a lot of time on your hands.

Point 2 above is unlikely but you get our point…

So, assuming your rims are not buckled or heavily damaged, SMART Repair is the complete no-brainer, must-do, can’t consider otherwise solution. It makes total sense.

And here’s how it’s done:

  1. The damaged alloy wheel is carefully removed from the car and thoroughly cleaned using a selection of detergents
  2. The tyre is then masked off to prepare for the primer coat
  3. Next, the alloy wheel is prepared for painting to ensure that the colored paint will adhere to the tire.
  4. State-of-the-art paint-matching technology is then used to determine the correct paint color
  5. That color is then applied to the alloy wheel and dried with infra-red technology
  6. Upon drying, the alloy wheel is then treated with a protective lacquer coating and finish to lock in its shiny new appearance.

All of this is done in 1-2 hours, saving you significant time and money over the more traditional options of direct replacements.
With SMART Repair, maintaining a great looking set of alloys all-year-round is now completely accessible, affordable and cheap. No need for replacements as repair is within arm’s reach.

Contact Automotive Repair Systems today to learn more about our Alloy Wheel Rim Repair services, and the wide range of additional SMART Repair services we offer.

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