Here are some ways SMART Repair with ARS adds pounds to your bottom line

SMART Repair has taken the world by storm over the last few years. For dealerships, bodyshops and service centres, there are a multitude of reasons why SMART Repair can only be a good thing – and several ways it can contribute significant margin to your bottom line. Thanks to Automotive Repair Systems (ARS), SMART Repair is no longer a dark art, a mystery or unknown. It’s here today and being delivered daily to businesses up and down the country, improving their service, reputations and profits on a regular basis.

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  1. Improved showroom appearance


Dents and scuffs spoil the appearance of your car, but it is a sad fact of life that the majority of used cars have some form of minor damage caused by carelessness or neglect over the years. It might be a parking knock, a scuffed alloy wheel, or a damaged seat. ARS has experts in Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), alloy wheel repair, trim repair and more, ensuring that your tired trade-ins can become shiny showroom stock in record time.

  1. More time and cost effective than traditional body repairs


Because ARS focuses only on the small damaged areas, we can provide a cheaper and more efficient service than many conventional methods can offer. We don’t need to fill and repaint whole panels to repair minor dents, saving on labour and materials, and reducing the risk of poor paint matches marring your chance of a sale. If your customers like originality and condition, SMART repair from ARS will drastically improve the value of your stock and will make your aftercare options more appealing.

  1. We come to you…


Bodyshops and Service Centres often require the customer to drop cars off and collect them once done, costing you staff and time. ARS is different; we’re also mobile service which will come to you and work on site at your dealership. This means your staff can focus on your business, while our trained technicians work on your stock and your customers’ cars. This also means you need never be concerned about security while your stock is being repaired; your cars are no less secure than usual.

  1. Our Repair not Replace Philosophy


A dent, scratch or scuff generally fills most customers with horror. The expectation is a full replacement of any damaged panel, long waiting times and a huge bills and invoices for parts and labour. SMART Repair solves these problems and allows your business to offer an alternative – a cheaper, quicker and very effective alternative. And offering this service is always positive – if you can offer a painless and inexpensive option, customers love you!

  1. Same day repairs mean shorter turnarounds


The longer your cars spend off the road being repaired, the longer it takes before they can catch the eye of the buyers. Because we repair your vehicles during the same day on site, the time between purchase and resale of a car is drastically reduced. The key to a successful dealership is turnover, and the sooner your car can be ready for sale the sooner your profits can be maximised.

  1. Easier to sell


Better condition means better showroom appeal and an easier way to sell online, privately or as a part exchange. People don’t want to buy cars that have been knocked about, especially not in markets like the Emirates where used cars are growing in popularity. People want cars to look as new, hence why the used car market in the Emirates hasn’t really taken off before now. And that mindset is where ARS’s services come in. We can restore your bodywork and trim with the minimum of fuss, making your stock more appealing to your clients – and making their cars more attractive as time goes by.

Ultimately, a clean, shiny, new looking car will always sell better than a tired looking old one – and a dealer who can offer this service as part of an aftercare package is more likely to retain long term customers. SMART Repair is the cost effective way of rejuvenating older cars and thus maximising your profit margins. And if your warranty offers damage repair as part of its terms, the reduced cost and time needed to make a SMART Repair will have a positive impact on your profit margins by reducing the cost to you of the repair. Contact Automotive Repair Systems today to learn more or to get a quote.

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